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There is no age for getting education, we are all teachers and we are all students throughout our life. Education is for all strata of society whether poor or rich, whether in village, town or city in any part of the world.
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The Banyan Adaikalam 6th Main Road,
Mugappair Eri Scheme,
Mugappair west,
Chennai – 600037
T: 044 – 26530504, 42233650
F: 044 – 26530105




The Banyan, a registered Indian Charitable Trust, was started in 1993 in response to the lack of availability of systematic, caring and holistic treatment for destitute women struggling to survive on the streets.  Many women have ended up there because of untreated Mental Illness.  From a small but significant beginning concentrating on reaching quality general and psychiatric care to such unfortunate individuals, The Banyan today has spread its cover.

We now include occupational and vocational therapy, recreation and equipping our residents with skills towards employment, based on individual aptitude and ability. In addition, once a required level of stability is achieved efforts commence to reintegrate the individual with the family, back into the community from which she stemmed. This includes sensitising the family and the community to the condition and educating them on how to offer support to the individual. Where reintegration is not possible, the need for long stay is taken care of.

Our services also look at early intervention which would prevent the need for such emergency services.  We provide outpatient clinics within the city and outside, in Kovalam, which offer services in psychiatry.  Regular follow up is ensured through home visits by the Community Worker, so that medication and evaluation of the condition and its progress are systematically assessed. All our services are arranged by The Banyan at no cost to individuals or their family, generally from the lower socio-economic groups, thanks to donations and sponsorships from generous persons and organisations. In this regard, we value very deeply any support extended to us by organisations such as your’s, which motivates us in our mission to reach quality Mental Health solutions to those that require it the way we render it!


 Adaikalam, our Transit Care Centre in Mogappair rescues homeless women with mental illness, provides shelter, care, medication and therapy designed scientifically and specifically  for each individual, based on her needs, capacity, aptitude and functionality. The goal of this Project is to lead her through rehabilitation to recovery of memory and productivity so that she can be reunited with her family. Counselling for the individual, her family and the community is a part of this process to help with management of the condition.

Community Mental Health Project, Kovalam, on East Coast Road, Kancheepuram District, provides both general medicine as well as psychiatric services to individuals from lower socioeconomic groups in the entire Tiruporur Block. Out Patient services happen every Monday and second Saturday of the month

The Community Living Project :The Community Living Project is a place of harmony and acceptance for long-stay residents with no prospects of joining families that could not be traced or because the residents or their families did not want the other. Here the women live together in cottages, supporting one another and contributing to the running of the facility. Around 60 women undertake daily activities; producing bags for the shop, cooking and cleaning as well as engaging in therapeutic pursuits such as gardening and yoga.

Urban Mental Health Project, an Outpatient service of The Banyan is run both in Loyola College on Thursdays and in K.K.Nagar on Wednesdays. As a part of our service, The Banyan also runs a Day Care Centre in K.K.Nagar for men and women with mental illness, so their families can leave their wards in a safe environment that provides opportunities to learn skills aimed at gainful employment.


Click on the link to see a day in the life of a staff of The Banyan: