Venkat's Initiative
The best of wealth is Education!!
There is no age for getting education, we are all teachers and we are all students throughout our life. Education is for all strata of society whether poor or rich, whether in village, town or city in any part of the world.
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Special Thanks: Dubai Schools Taking forward the initiative:- Ibn Seena High School - Sharjah * Al Ameen High School - Guesis, Dubai * Al Diyafah High School - Guesis Dubai * Our Own English High school - Dubai * Westminster school - Dubai * Friends of India * Koshish Group - Karama * Winchester * Dubai International Academy - Dubai * Cambridge High School - Dubai * English College - Dubai *
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Ron Kaufman

Dear Venkat,

Thank you very much for your kind note. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

It’s people like YOU who keep me doing what I do these days –
all the speaking,traveling, and writing.
I know that whatever uplifting encouragement I can bring
to the world, its people like YOU who take that same spirit and,
in your own ways,spread it out to so many more.
As you appreciate what I do – I most certainly appreciate you.

I hope we have a chance to meet each other again.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous day, a great week, a terrific month,
and an extraordinary year.

With all best regards,
Ron Kaufman

Parag,  Pune

Dear Venkat,

Greetings from Pune!!

I am attaching the letter written by Ms. Bharati Joshi
who is Chairman of the trust and 83 year old lady
running this organization for last 25 years near Pune, India.
She has expressed her gratitude and very heartfelt thanks to you.

I have scanned her letter and the brochure of their organization for your reference.

GOD blesses you and your family for good work.


Swami Chidrupananda, 

Dear Venkat,

Harih Om.

Yesterday we received Hubli consignment consisting of :
1. 240 New Pencil packs, each box containing 12 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharper
2. Bundle of used color pencils, and
3. 26 different size used shirts.

Appreciate your continued support. Pencils are very much useful
and children will enjoy making drawing using color pencils.

Find attached photos of material received.


With Best Wishes,


Swami Chidrupananda

Sanaa,  Aseema

Dear Venkat,

Dear Venkat,

Natasha is out of office this week.

We have received a cargo of pencils and other items. Many thanks.

I will ask Natasha to get in touch once she returns.




Rashmi Kant,  Amar Jyoti School,  Rishikesh

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much, sorry here is internet problem, you are send 2 box, I have received attached photo.

Sir, I can help these cloths to people, Uttrakhand the natural disaster need food medical or cloths help.

Form the depth of our hearts. We thank you for your valuable contribution and support to Amar Jyoti School.


Rashmi Kant   

Rashmi Kant,  Amar Jyoti School,  Rishikesh


From the depth of our hearts, we thank you for
your valuable contribution and support to Amar Jyoti School
I know your school help very important.
God has duly rewarded your sincere efforts.


Best Regards,


Rashmi Kant   

Dilip Jain, Director, Head of Administration, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd - Bahrain Branch

When I left Dubai two years Back I remembering browsing your website. It had good in content.


Today I went thru it in details. The website is transformed. I never knew you had such good hands in being a webmaster. Each and every person met , every word commended, institution met, charity collected and network through which distributed… oh the site has not only become enriching but also an inspiring. Can a simple fellow colleague can have such a burning desire to make a difference that you need not go too far to look for him- he is next to know – and the name is venkat.


Truly you have grown in your passion to serve and more important build the awareness among so many school children that when they grow up they will grow with the felling that let me contribute what I can to my friends and poor who may not have a school dress and food to eat.


You fit well for as a subject for project 2 “ Uplift the spirit” advanced communication manual in toastmasters from the module speciality speeches.


Gopal Mandhania, Community Service Project (At No Cost)

Yesterday, I was a guest speaker at Bombay Chembur (W) and there met Rtn. Venkatraman K, Chartered Accountant by profession, practicing at Dubai also.


He has offered to send the consignments (approx 50kgs each) of used dresses in good Condition from Dubai for Children & Ladies including woolen clothes through door to door Cargo, at no coast.


The dress will be of good quality, duly washed & Ironed.


He has been doing this project since last few years through various Rotary Clubs in Gujarat, his own club Bombay Chembur (W) & few clubs in Southern India.


I suggest you to participate in this project by getting the Consignments and distribute the cloths to needy People, preferably in small Villages.

Sunil Mistry, President 2012-2013,  RCB Chembur West

I would like to inform you that yesterday, 20th December, 2012, we visited the Yusuf Meharally Centre at Tara Village. It is located around 55 kms from Chembur. 

We distributed clothes, pencils and other materials sent to the Club by Rtn. Rtn. K. Venkat (Dubai). The students and the principal of the school were happy to receive the same. I thank Rtn. Venkat (Dubai) for sending all the materials to our club and i also thank Rtn. AshishShetty for his efforts during the distribution.

Usha Balachandran, Senior Supervisor Grade 11&12 OOEHS DUBAI -02 Apr 2012

I must thank you for a very enlightening speech that you gave the Senior students.

Students and staff have asked me to express their immense appreciation and gratitude.

R J Vallabhan, The Westminster School Dubai -29 Apr 2012

The distribution job undertaken by Mr.Venkat is laudable and appreciatable, as the challenges he faces is phenomenal. The distribution link is beautifully organised and I am happy to see all the items getting reached to the real needy.

S. Venkatesh, Chairman, Dubai chapter of ICAI -6 May 2012

 It is heartening that our fellow professional brethren doing such a wonderful social service. He is inspiration to many like me who wanted to do some community service. We all are proud of him. Our best wishes to him to get more and more recognition for his service to the society.

Kartik.Kolachina, Grade 12 DMHS Dubai   -6 May 2012 .

Mr.Venkat has greatly contributed to the society and has helped the "less privileged" through this initiative and hence I was motivated to help him in this noble endeavour in my own small way.  There is no better feeling than knowing you've made a positive impact on another person's life.

Safia Bari, Director, SNF Dubai   -7 May 2012

You have shown excellent leadership and team building activity at  Special Needs Future Development Center for helping us build up SNF as an institution par excellence

Under your  guidance especially using waste and recycling products, we have been able to create some excellent things which can be used.

Ganesan R,  AIM for Seva  -November 11, 2011

Many thanks for your kind support to our Udupi chatralaya in sending uniform material and notebooks to the under privileged children staying there.  I also thank you for visiting that chatralaya and encouraging the children

R J Vallabhan, The Westminster School Dubai -April 15, 2011

No other better words, than praying to God to bless you and your team for a beautiful and wonderful charity work.

 Jyoti Avinash Jawharkar, OOEHS DUBAI -6/19/2011

Hearty congratulations !!!

Hats off to you, for distributing the old, used uniforms to needy ones in a decent, dignified manner making both happy, donor as well as recipient.

It has brought a lovely smile on each child’s face & tears in our eyes.    

Shri Sanjay Verma (Consul General of India), Dubai -February 16, 2011

Dear Venkat

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Rangarajan Sampath,  Saudi Arabia -April 24, 2011

We read  your services through one of magazine(FRIDAY) which publishing from UAE .  we are very much impressed of your innovative move towards the education.  The tool which you took is quite appreciable "tools for education" which is really required in this situation. 

Shri Sanjay Verma (Consul General of India), Dubai -March 25, 2010

It was indeed a great pleasure to make your acquaintance last night.  I was very impressed with your commitment to do things in India in a small but  effective way.  I would love to meet up with you and learn more about your activities.