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The best of wealth is Education!!
There is no age for getting education, we are all teachers and we are all students throughout our life. Education is for all strata of society whether poor or rich, whether in village, town or city in any part of the world.
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Nile Foundation, Oct 2013
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Nile Foundation, Oct 2013

Dear Venkat

Words can’t express how we are thankful for the support and encouragement that both of you and your team has started doing for the NFRD. We all feel amazing how your teams appreciate the Foundation in pursuing our initial project for the Rural Education. It is an honour for us that people like you always find time and has an open heart to reach out in humanitarian work like these. We are proud to have you being part of the team that builds a better future for other people.

As I have discussed with the Foundation regarding the donations of clothes, we have decided that it will be collected by our staff from your side on Sunday which you had mentioned, just let us know the location and we are ready to cooperate then it will be forwarded to NFRD in Sudan.

We all pray that all of the projects may continue to be successful and will build better lives for the people of Nile Valley.

God Bless and all.

Mansour Sokrab

I am very happy to share the news. Indian rural development is an inspiration for Mansour to uplift life of his Village School and children.

Mr. Mansour Sokrab from Northern Sudan who is the founder of Nile Foundation for Rural Development.

He had come to my office to collect used children clothes 3 cartons 750+ units and will be distributing to his village children in North Sudan.

He is from a village wherein only 3 of his classmates have done graduation and he has done post-graduation.

Mr. Mansour has done his Post graduation from Pune and Studied Rural Development from Maharashtra.

He is a partner in a business Advisor firm in Dubai landed from Mumbai in 1996 after post-graduation.

He was talking about Indian hospitality and has widely travelled during is college days across India

I am planning to contribute to Nile Foundation for Rural Development Stationery. I also advised him to create a Toys and board games library in the school and plan to contribute 100+ units from the collection drive.