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Used school children materials collection campaign

by Unmesh Datta | 2013-04-04 01:15:57

Green Brigade ( is a group based in UAE to enhance our awareness to protect our environment and add value to the society. In ?Green Brigade?, we always think that any small initiative has a potential to cross any barrier in any day and will be instrumental in creating a positive environment around us. Recently we came across one such initiative by an individual in UAE and his name is Mr. Venkat, popularly known as ?The Pencil man of UAE?.
Pencils, erasers. rulers, crayons, unused blank sheets from used notebooks, toys etc are normally available in our household in excess and we normally don't pay much attention to these. After sometime, we start using the fresh/new ones and the used items go to trash bin and finally to the landfill. But at the same time, there are many children in the world who are really struggling to get these to continue their study.... Mr. Venkat collects used these materials from various schools/individuals in UAE and distribute to the needy and poor children in India through various NGOs. ?Shikshayatan? in Thiruvaroor district ,Tamil Nadu, India and other NGOs distribute pencils on behalf of in the district schools to 4000+ children every term.

To promote his wonderful initiative, we the ?Green Brigade? had taken the initiative recently to collect these used/excess materials from various households. Our members had conducted a door to door campaign to share the thought of this initiative to the people and then finally collected a huge amount of pencils, school bags, books, note books etc which will be useful to many poor children in India.

At the end, we sat down with packing all the stuff that we had collected. We got cartons and started to separate the items one by one based on different category. We then packed them and decorated the cartons with Green Brigade logos. We all were really surprised to see how much of re-usable materials we had collected that would have been just thrown out of our houses and finally go to the landfill.

The next day, ?Green Brigade? handed over these huge 7 cartons of materials to Mr. Venkat for onward dispatch to India for the needy segment of the society.

Watch interview with the "Pencil Man of UAE" :-‎