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The best of wealth is Education!!
There is no age for getting education, we are all teachers and we are all students throughout our life. Education is for all strata of society whether poor or rich, whether in village, town or city in any part of the world.
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Special Thanks: Dubai Schools Taking forward the initiative:- Ibn Seena High School - Sharjah * Al Ameen High School - Guesis, Dubai * Al Diyafah High School - Guesis Dubai * Our Own English High school - Dubai * Westminster school - Dubai * Friends of India * Koshish Group - Karama * Winchester * Dubai International Academy - Dubai * Cambridge High School - Dubai * English College - Dubai *
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AIM for Seva
       AIM for Seva is a charitable trust working with rural and tribal marginalised children, transforming their lives through quality living, education, and healthcare.
      Founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 2000, the organisation has positively and directly impacted over 10 million people living across 15 Indian States.

AIM for Seva Student Homes
The flagship project of AIM for Seva is the Student Home. A unique concept, this facilitates a safe shelter for children from far flung areas, enabling them to attend school regularly without worrying about basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Over and above that, they are educated at a Government school, given after school academic support to stay in the school system and emotional wellness and strength by the trained caregivers who supervise them in the student homes.

All this is provided totally free of cost to the child.
The children, mostly first generation school goers are thus encouraged to finish schooling, and grow up to be self confident, aware and well balanced individuals who can contribute to the society. The sustained intervention, starting with the admission of the child when he/she is 9-10 years in Std. 4, continues well into the teens, with the young adult completing higher secondary. It is therefore a lasting transformation, which gives the child a strong foundation not only academically, but also in life skills. AIM for Seva has 86 such student homes, and 2800 resident students, of which 22% are girls, in this path breaking program which has helped to bring down the school dropout rate to a low of 10- 12% in the areas they operate , against the national average of 65%. In less than a decade AIM for Seva has been able to set up 128 projects, including the 86 student homes, 15 educational institutions, 2 special Schools,1 out of school centre, 15 Healthcare projects, 7 Women empowerment projects, and 2 community service in 15 States across India.
Our work is sustained and long term, resulting in transformation of youth through Education and healthcare.